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Dating GFE Style

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Hurtling Obstacles

You wonder how satisfying it can really be to have a GFE date when we cannot touch.  I remind you that sex begins in the mind.  As long as you can close your eyes and imagine that I am right there next to you, our dates will wow you.

But, what about between dates?  That is what email and the Enchantrix Empire messages are for.  I find between date communications to be foreplay for our next date.

Building a Relationship

It is all about the relationship.  Building an amazing one takes time.  At first you may feel a little nervous, and let me do most of the talking.  But it will not take long for you to feel comfortable with me.  I am so easy going, down to earth, and real.

I really enjoy getting to know you and allowing you to get to know me.  We will do a lot of talking.  Sometimes it is at the beginning of our date.  Other times, at the end.  And sometimes we talk, get sexual, talk some more, indulge in more sex.  There are no rules about that.  *smile*

Cheaper and Easier

It costs less to have a GFE than to have a traditional girlfriend.  No dinners out, no movies, etc.  The best part is that you will always get lucky, if you want to.  I am a very sensual woman and I like to have sex.  No need for games.  You and I are both adults.  Just let me know what you would like.


Having a GFE Date

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Ah, Modern Life!

So, you are between girlfriends; or your schedule is not conducive to a traditional relationship.  In this modern world, with technology galore, you can have a different, EASIER type of girlfriend.  It’s called GFE, meaning the “Girlfriend Experience.”

You may be scoffing inwardly, but I . . . → Read More: Having a GFE Date